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Our "Animal Friendly Hotel" - Project

With its project "Animal Friendly Hotel", ETN counts on even more cooperation for animal welfare. 

Since 2015 the ETN neuters an average of 150 stray animals per month in Gran Canaria.

Only through systematic castration of stray animals, their multiplication can be sustainably reduced. To save even more cats suffering on the street, the ETN is starting an additional new project. ETN supports hotels which show commitment for abandoned cats on their properties. The hotels receive advice on handling the stray cats; the cats are caught, castrated, medically treated and then returned to the capture area.

In return, the hotels need to feed the cats, provide medical care and neuter new arrivals, so that the welfare of the animals is secured in the long term.
For this commitment, the hotel receives the ETN award "Animal friendly hotel".

Animal-friendly tourists can help to protect the stray cats by booking an awarded hotel. Already awarded hotels are:

  • Maspalomas Lago (Maspalomas)
  • Hotel Vistaflor (Maspalomas)
  • Hotel Marina Elite (Mogán)

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